Studio 18 - Drew Reese

Category / Medium: Digital, Photography, Metals

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Mille Cafe


I’ve been taking photographs since my mother gave me a Kodak Brownie when I was ten. Soon after, I became the official ‘family photographer’, documenting our various outings. When we headed west from Virginia in our 1955 baby blue Buick convertible, I took photographs from the back seat. Once developed, my brother exclaimed  ‘they’re all clouds!’.

Later, my sister who was an artist, introduced me to the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists. When I looked at those paintings I thought to myself ‘how can I get that  sensibility with a camera?’. Never satisfied with the traditional landscape imagery, I strove for the essence of what I was looking at.

In the last year, I’ve started doing ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography. Using this technique allows me to express my own personal vision. It’s more of an intuitive process and very much of the moment. A lot happens purely by chance.

It involves shooting hundreds of photographs, many of which end up deleted.
I’m never quite sure of what I have until I get home and look at the images on the computer. I shoot double exposures as part of my technique. It gives an added element of complexity to the final image. I don’t do a great deal of ‘post-processing’ just a few tweaks here and there.

All my work is archival printed on Moab Entrada Natural Rag 300 gsm paper with an Epson P800 printer. Each print is signed and numbered.
I also offer prints on aluminum which can be custom ordered.