Studio 56 - Cindy Fry


Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Pastel

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Iconik


I love the luscious colors and the depth, complexity and mystery that can be achieved with pastels when the colors are layered.  I also love the clean, fresh transparency and the ghostly images produced by watercolors.  My painting journey started with watercolors and I later picked up pastels.  I find that combining the two mediums by using watercolor as an underpainting adds a wonderful element of spontaneity to the process.
I begin most of my paintings working en plein air, racing the ever-changing light as I strive to capture the essence of place and time.  From bright and sunny to dull and overcast, each day has its own mood and it's fun to watch it form on my surface as I coax and mold it layer by layer.