Studio 31 - Trish Foschi's Online Gallery

Category / Medium:  Paintings / DrawingsEncaustic and Cold Wax, Mixed Media, Print Making  

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Downtown Subscription


Fundamentally, I am a formalist.  I seek to explore seeing by playing with surface and perspective in two dimensions.  Texture, shape, color, line, composition have a life of their own.  However, mystery and magic are still foremost in creating a good piece. 

My paintings are essentially abstract—completely non-objective or abstractions of landscapes.  The paintings—whether encaustic, acrylic, or oil—frequently include mixed media like drawing materials or various found objects. 

My recent paintings are encaustics and represent abstract desert landscapes named after the moons of Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn.

Most of my prints—solar etchings, line etchings, linocuts, monotypes—and photomontage are pictorial, and some integrate mixed media.