Studio 06- Marc Davey

Category / Medium:  Sculpture - Mixed Materials

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Arroyo Vino




My sculptures are built with a wooden armature to give each piece form and stability. Next, the armature is covered in styrofoam and shaped with a rasp. A smooth coating of plaster, torn paper and paint give the sculpture its final texture and color.

I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, focusing on illustration, but found once I graduated that I really enjoyed making sculptures, and the physical process of working in three dimensions.

For more than 25 years, I lived and worked in Sun Valley, Idaho and Park City, Utah, where I was represented by numerous galleries, including Anne Reed in Sun Valley, the Winfield Gallery in Carmel, ArtWorks in Seattle, and the Kent Gallery in Santa Fe.

My wife and I recently moved to Santa Fe, where we live in our new home with various creatures who have antlers, wooden hooves, and fluted manes.