Studio 24 - Andrea Cermanski

Category / Medium:  Paints/Drawings - Acrylic, Mixed Media

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Sazon




Andrea Cermanski is an abstract acrylic painter who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has been painting for over 25 years and has a Bachelor’s in Art History and a Masters in Art Education.  Cermanski has exhibited her work in five solo and nine group shows, including Feminists Under Forty, which was curated by Judy Chicago.  Cermanski is featured in E. Ashley Rooney’s Contemporary Art of the Southwest (2014), and has numerous collectors around the country, including two corporate collections.  She is currently represented by galleries in New Orleans and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Andrea Cermanski’s work is a conversation in color inspired by the intricacies of our natural world.  Extracting her palette from nature, her work embodies the delicate interplay of light and color, texture and form.  While working, she intuitively synthesizes memories of the land, sky and water, allowing something new to emerge–a metamorphosis.  The culmination results in capturing the essence of a place vaguely familiar to us all.  Similar to the excitement of recognizing familiar images while watching clouds, her work seeks to grasp the contemplative eye of the viewer.