Studio 42 - Rae Anderson

Category / Medium:  Fiber and Quilting

Favorite nearby restaurant:   Counter Culture




I am a modern tapestry weaver working on a single warp tabletop loom. Swirling, fluid, circular shapes predominate the landscapes of my work, pooling together into larger forms as well as threading subtly into the background.  I rarely feature hard lines, preferring the loose way the wind blows, the clouds float, and water curls its lips.  Looseness should not be interpreted as lack of structure- Each line, each curve is precise in its arc, intentional in its location. I remind us that even from a grid of lines, we still naturally travel our own looping path; indeed we are compelled to do so. Never is the straight line so interesting to me as the one that’s taken us around and around to land at our current space. 
From my location and memories I pull color palettes into visions that gain momentum line by line, bottom to top.  Perhaps I have a plan, but I definitely have a desire to be free, and to feel free I must be at liberty to obey a whim and change my plan. As a floral designer I felt the flowers tell me where they wanted to go; I was never wholly in charge of the creating. Rather, I am a very good listener.  With weaving, colors have ideas about who they are, stories about what they want and mean, and what colors they want to be next to; textures have opinions about what would make them stand out to look their best, or allow them to kindly add to the piece at hand. I approach my work with a goal, but I am always open to what I hear that will alter our progress, my yarns and I.  What is satisfying for me is my consistent emotionally thematic experience each weaving brings to completion. In the ether there is already a picture unfolding and I am holding space for what it will become. My own internal feelings and by extension what may be universal feelings, are shared through my unique texture of tapestry.​