Studio 01 - George Cappannelli

Category / Medium:  Sculpture

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Harry's Roadhouse

I work in stone, wood, bronze, clay, wax and plaster,  carved and modeled by hand.

As a sculptor I celebrate and share my search to rediscover the purity of art carved and modeled by hand.  As a result my work represents the mystery and mythology discovered in collaboration with rather than imposed upon the stone, wood and other materials I work with.  So neither form without feeling nor intellectual conceits without relationship to human content will be found in my work .  Instead it is my hope that you will experience works that have resulted from my love for the journey as well as the media.

In addition to  grants and prizes for my sculpture, I have been privileged as a writer to have my work recognized with national book awards and as a producer/director of film and television to have my work receive two regional Emmy Awards, two Telly Awards and numerous International Film & Television Awards