Studio 71 - Sara Miller Contemporary Art

Category / Medium:  Fiber and Quilting, Mixed Media, Paintings / Drawings:  Oil and Acrylic

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Pantry Dos

My goal as an artist is to bring the joy and happiness I experience in my life when I am painting and creating my Fiber Art, to my viewers and collectors. I am happiest when I am creating with color - the brighter the better.  Like so many artists, I love to go back and forth between the mediums that I work with.  After the spending so much time in the studio during the pandemic, I have really enjoyed getting back to my roots as a fiber artist with my 2 newest series called “Out of the Box”  and "Weaving Thru Time".  During the trying times of Covid, I found comfort in getting back to my sewing machines and working with fabric and fiber once again. Getting outside the edges of my canvas was the small freedom I had to escape the boundaries I felt being confined to my studio and home for so many months.