Studio 03 - Diane G Rolnick

Category / Medium:  Digital, Mixed Media, Photography, Print Making, Paintings/Drawings

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Harry's Roadhouse

I have been making art since my grandmother began taking me to the Metropolitan Museum and other cultural institutions in New York City as a very young person.  Many years later I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in painting and a Masters Of Art Teaching.  I also  lived in Italy studying the great European works of art early in my career. 

My work as a digital mixed-media artist looks at the inner complexity and movement of humans and their expressions, thoughts, and connections with nature and place.  Our affinity with the natural world of scents, shapes, colors, and light and shadow is, I believe, an innate function of our being.  Working with layers I enjoy manipulating the images to place imagination, memory of the moment, and a sense of abstraction of delicate textures, colors, and space into each piece.  I work and see the world as a painter and love collecting my digital images with my camera and other media.

I work in a number of series at a time:  Abstractions (includes layering of imagery including flower blooms, ink drawings, digital drawings, figurative imagery), On the Trail Series (images from my daily hikes in the arroyo), Human interactions and activity (Old New York Series working from historical images of New York City, the Engraving Series, working with images from an old 1800s story book full of engravings, The Gathering Series, how humans interact with each other or not)

- Diane G Rolnick