Studio 19 - Theresa Cashman

Category / Medium: Glass

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Cleopatra Cafe


As an emerging artist, I find myself on a tightrope between decorative and fine art. Sometimes I fall one way, sometimes the other. Many pieces are representational, with some being more abstract. My favorite pieces are the ones with meaning beyond the obvious representation or shapes included in the piece, the ones that aren’t simply decorative, but declarative. One of my biggest challenges thus far is finding the right combination of colors, textures, and opacities in the art glass available to fit my expression. 

Glass has always been an attractive medium to me. When I left teaching in 2017, I finally had the hours to dedicate to this time-intensive craft. After apprenticing with Scottish Stained Glass, I was hired on as a builder and restorer. I did this part time for 2 years, while also exploring techniques in my own pieces. Now, I create, restore, and repair stained glass panels, lamps, and mirrors in my studio on Cerrillos Rd. I also host one-off and long-form classes to share my love of this age-old art with others local to or visiting Santa Fe.