Studio 11 - Alice Watterson

Category / Medium:  Mixed Media, Fiber and Quilting, Sculpture, Jewelry


“Making: the process of forming, causing, or coming into being"

I’m a Maker.
Let loose first by paper and crayons, I’ve always drawn, built things, and written stories to describe the world I feel more than the world I see.
Weaving cloth and making art wear was my initial foray into the luscious world of textiles, but after several years of exhibiting and mentoring in that category, my attention shifted from the garment to the persona inside the garment. 
And that’s the thread I pursued….arriving at mixed-media figures: a clan of People descended from a race of giant Birds. Telling their stories begins with an expansive Creation Myth enhanced by individual tales of luck and survival. Birds fly and perch. Neck pieces and wall boxes are colorful narratives in felt. Everything has a Story.