Studio 41 - Ron Pokrasso

Category / Medium:  Mixed Media, Print Making, Photography, Paintings / Drawings - Mixed Materials, Acrylic, Assemblage, Digital, Monotype, etching, photopolymer, collage,  instruction, workshops

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Paper Dosa


My artistic development spirals around a need to express, making new discoveries, and continually returning to familiar themes. I have always relied upon things that are close to me, things that speak about the passions in my life and are often derived from day to day experiences but with a desire to convey a level of anticipation and mystery.

I work by diving in- the passion of creating is vital. Usually there’s a vague general direction, but rarely do I have a clear idea of what will happen. “If I knew where I was going I’d be lost.” Seldom do I try to portray a literal visual meaning. It is more important to allow content to come through me in the working out of a successful composition. This relationship with my art falls somewhere between taking full control and just letting things happen. I like to juxtapose seemingly unrelated or competing elements to create visual and technical contrast. I have a conversation with the piece as it unfolds. As the work takes on its own personality, it lets me know where it needs to go and I attempt to get it there. The work is complete when it stops asking for more.