Studio 38 - Alison Antelman

Category / Medium:  Jewelry

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Kakawa Chocolate House


Ideas flourish in my mind, like opportunities of adventure on the open road. It is impossible to discover all roads at once, so I take notes and draw maps for future exploration. I am always jotting down line drawings on hot pink Post-it notes, and the surge of new ideas germinates in my mind. Exploration and puzzle solving are part of my process as I reach my design goals. My jewelry is hand fabricated. The pieces consist of fold-formed hollow pods that are hinged, soldered and joined in varied configurations. Utilizing hammers, I sink and form the metal, creating arrangements that are light and comfortable to wear. I use 18k and 22k gold, oxidized sterling silver, stainless steel wire and unusual stones in raw, faceted and smooth surfaces. Hinges, Settings and clasps are handmade. Throughout the many phases of the construction there is a lot of sawing, sanding, filing and soldering. I tend to work in stages in order to implement my vision using my own blueprints to guide the way. The open road leads everywhere…