Studio 37 - Roxanne Rossi

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Mixed Media, Mixed Materials, Sculpture

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Madame Matisse

After a lifetime in Colorado, my mantra was, “Grow where you are planted.” That mantra continues, while also knowing it does take time to really root in a new place. After being asked repeatedly, “How do you think this move will effect your work?,” I didn’t think that it really would. I had a personal narrative that wasn’t shaped by my physical location. Now, I’ve found that my work is being redirected, and the realization is almost overwhelming. I now rely on my sense of perception, personal insights, and a viewer’s observation. Clearly, I was taking it all in. While my exploration of materials continues, my constant goal is to the visual experience, to bring the viewer in on a personal level by creating and relating their own story of the visual language. In seeing what may lie beyond our sight.