Studio 35 - Vivienne Riggio

Category / Medium:  Mixed Media, Sculpture - Mixed Materials, Acrylic, Textiles,  Assemblage

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Tune Up


My passion for shapes and textures goes back to childhood when I formed fabric scraps into funny looking dresses for my dolls. Those skills evolved professionally with a fashion design career that required precise pattern making, ready to wear clothing; and on the more creative side-costumes, evening wear, and draping (for days-and loving it) with any foldable medium, even forged metal. Tastes and aspirations change over time and I eventually “fell off the runway”. The fashion world was always too contrived, and I figured I’d never make it in the same realm as J.P. Gaultier, Thierri Mugler, Christian Le Croix, Alexander Mc Queen - the great. These artists were able to express their visions unabashedly. Tagging behind most humbly, I followed my impulses, stripped design of any oppressive mandates and went off, churning the delectable butter of design into art and allowing my own personal runway to go wild.