Studio 48 - Jennifer Lynch

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings, Print Making
Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Dr. Field Goods Kitchen

Jennifer Lynch – Artist Statement
Nature is my generative force, creative pursuit my constant companion.  As a lifelong practitioner of the arts, steeped in theory, practice, and tradition, I seek out new structures within which to play. The miniscule, microscopic and the macroscopic dynamics of natural forces drive me. Momentary encounters diffract and open pathways of flow into and out of a trajectory, each piece an investigation of observations and curiosities, a progression from one work to the next. Space is in constant flux. Color and pattern are my metaphors for natural rhythms and nature’s underlying mysteries.  Color relationships generate movement and space. The works flow from the landscape, land- desert- mountains and water, or distilled to earth and sky. In juxtaposing warm and cool colors, areas fall away and re-enter the frame in a spectral continuum providing a point of departure for the contemplation of our relationship to the nature of creation. Both the paintings and the prints are the continuum of my interest in color, the color of light, and how it changes throughout the day and how it identifies a sense of place.  By investigating the same structure in two different ways, painting and prints, I find they create polarity within this sense of place. While the prints are rooted in the terrestrial and the Origin, the paintings convey the Celestial and moments of dissolution.