Studio 08 - Marie Morgan


Category / Medium:  Mixed Media, Paintings / Drawings, Sculpture

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Tune-Up Cafe






I make art to illuminate the mystery and beauty in life.

I paint abstracts with a narrative.  I include recovered treasures to tell a more complex story. Objects whisper to me and I collect them:  Bright orange lichen on a gray granite boulder, seed pods from a legume tree, a tiny, contemplative zebra gazing toward the horizon.  “Inclusion" (bottom image above), for example, places several objects in a unifying circle. What they have in common remains in the eye of the beholder.  

I delight in bringing precision to unexpected line and contrast to dramatic color.

I also build Creature Sculptures, choosing animals that we seldom meet in person.  If they go home with you, they tend to become friends of the family, a new resident who doesn’t eat much.  With “Daisy the Armadillo (dasypodidae)” I recommend that you not let her out alone at night.

For the fall 2022 Studio Tour, I am also painting a portrait series of imaginal, admirable women leaders.