Studio 13 - Carol Tippit Woolworth Fine Art


Category / Medium:  Assemblage, Mixed Media, Paintings / Drawings - Gouache, Oil, Sculpture, Encaustic and Cold Wax, Book Art, Papier Mache

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Masa Sushi


Carol’s work over the past few years has been influenced by the Bay Area Abstract Figurative painters, and the French mid-century painter, Nicolas de Staël. Her painting journey has been to find primal, universal truths through layering, scraping, and scumbling her oils, oil sticks, and cold wax. These surfaces include linen, wood panels, and aluminum, and sometimes Arche oil paper. She is captivated by the idea of pentimento, and now creates an underpainting first, which is then repainted allowing bits of the underpainting to peep into the overall piece, and thus create an archeology of thoughts. Papier mache, collage, and assemblage work has now been added to her accomplishments.