Studio 45 - Carol Tippit Woolworth Fine Art


Category / Medium:  Assemblage, Mixed Media, Paintings / Drawings - Gouache, Mixed Materials, Oil, Sculpture, Paper Mache

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Piccolino's


My work is about finding beauty and joy in the simple, mundane, elements of our lives and world. Each painting is a story of color, contrast, and layers, scraped and scumbled until the right depth has been honed and I am satisfied that the piece is complete. My subject this past year has been creating vignettes from the Gerard Alexander dioramas at the International Folk Museum, which are bits of street life and music bursting with emotion. My new love is Papier Mâché, tabletop southwestern landscapes, each a tangle of dead branches and rocks, housing real and mystical animals. Each a story of life and environment, each sculpted piece a drawing or carving of textures and patterns, assembled to create an 'other' world. In a time filled with uncertainties, creating worlds of hope and beauty keeps us moving forward, as a temporary escape, and as a path forward.