Studio 58 - Sharon Grimes Art Gallery and Studio

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings: Acrylic, Oil,  Mixed Materials

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Arroyo Vino

Sharon Grimes is an internationally collected contemporary abstract artist.

"The creation of art is a meditation for me. It is a reflection of my heart onto the surface. 

I gain inspiration from nature and specifically the effect of light. I watch the sun as it sets to see the color it creates and the way the light peeks around the clouds. 

My work represents the language of the soul. I strive to evoke a sense of mystery and beauty in each piece. 

I begin a painting by creating texture. I then work in layers of translucent acrylic and oil paint on a wood panel. This creates depth and allows the viewer to see back several layers into the painting. I rarely know where the piece is going in the beginning. I start working and let intuition and the work itself lead me."

- Sharon Grimes