Studio 56 - Martina de Avila Micaceous Cookware

Category / Medium:  Ceramics -  Micaceous Pottery, Micaceous Clay, Micaceous Cookware

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Tesuque Village Market

Each piece of my Micaceous Cookware is made with 100% organic, hand harvested Micaceous clay from Northern New Mexico. The clay is 80% mica which allows the cookware to withstand high heat and keep food hotter longer. Each piece is hand coiled and scraped into shapes with shells and wooden tools. It is sanded smooth with sandstone from the desert and polished with agates to bring the mica sheen to the surface. With use the vessel's gradual patina embeds into it the story of your kitchen and creates a unique family heirloom. Mother earth allows me to offer you this utilitarian art for your home.