Studio 38 - Melinda Silver Fine Art

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings:  Mixed Media - Acrylic, Encaustic and Cold Wax, Watercolor

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Cafecito




I began my artistic career as an illustrator and graphic designer for print media; pen and ink were my best friends.  Now I venture into the abstract, painting with mixed media – acrylics, paper collage, hot and cold waxes and oils.  Recognizing the tensions that occur from historical, political, social, religious, and geological forces, I confront the unknown and challenge myself to listen to the painting and go where it takes me.   Painting layer upon layer, often destroying or obscuring one layer to create the next, I move forward through the process until the painting is "fully baked".  Terrified by what I am doing, I recognize that this method of creating art mirrors life and has the potential to produce a final image that is richer and more nuanced than any painting that I might have planned with precision.