Studio 66 - Bushra Shamma

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Acrylic, Mixed Media, Assemblage, Paper Collage



My work is predominantly contemporary abstracts using acrylic and mixed media, although I occasionally create abstracted representational work, using paper collage.  The process is my main concern. I start with a color or a mark and proceed one step at a time responding to what is already there. I enjoy creating, testing limits, adding, erasing, making decisions, persevering til I reach a satisfactory resolution. 

Growing up, I was left-brained, excelling at math and languages.  Art gave the other side of me; the rebellious, contrary, lover of freedom; an outlet.  I feel very lucky that art continues to be a joy and a quest for finding my inner self, as well as a respite from a fiercely divided and divisive world.