Studio 74 - Gary Kott

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings, Sculpture

Nearby Favorite Restaurants:  Harry's Roadhouse and Cafe Fina




It all started with a lie.  I'd bought a house back east that the seller swore was completely empty. After closing, I discovered in the basement a stack of plywood, 4-feet by 8-feet sheets.  Disgruntled, I began hauling them outside until it dawned on me.  I'd just seen a magnificent painting in a gallery measuring exactly 4-feet by 8-feet.  Hmm.  Though I'd studied art in college I was a bit intimidated at the prospect.  A trip to the local art store for a box-full of paints and brushes and I was soon back in the basement.  Lo and behold, I completed a quite nice painting that dinner guests complimented without knowing that I was the artist.  As the years rolled on, my artwork has been seen in galleries, exhibitions, and homes of collectors.  Fate?  Destiny?  Truth be told, I owe it all to a lie...