Studio 03 - Gail Buono

Category / Medium:  Digital, Oil Paintings

Abstract Oil Paintings based on Circular Imagery,

Digital Prints combining images from Paintings and Photos

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Harry's Roadhouse

GAIL BUONO has been fascinated by parts of the circle (arcs, ovals, ovoids, and spirals) for many years.  She is exhibiting paintings from the Façade series, as well as digital prints from the  Kaleidoscope series.
The paintings from the Façade series, (which developed out of a previous series that had manifested lurking, mysterious images, within the geometric structure)  instead, substitute various hazardous symbols, which are partially obscured by glazes.
Through this work, she is interested in exploring the emotional, physical, ecological, and political states of mind within our psyches and our outer world.

The digital prints from the Kaleidoscope series are based on a 12-pointed star (arcs emanating from 12 equidistant points on the circle.)  The digital prints weave an abstract relationship between her  landscape photographs and imagery from the paintings, depicting dual realities inhabiting the same space/time continuum.  They create a sense of being portals that open to new metaphysical worlds.  All the exhibited prints are archivally printed, matted and backed.