Studio 50 - Emily Timberlake

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings -  Acrylic, Mixed Media

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen




My paintings reflect my life’s experiences gleaned from the unconscious.  Through color and texture past experiences are revealed. Color is of

supreme importance to my work, as is spontaneity. Color tells me where I am going. It tells me where it wants to go….it is a language all of its own.

I love the way paint responds to paper…the texture, the saturation, the sinking in…..this process is as important to me as the final result.

By applying thick slabs of acrylic or thin washes of watercolor, I want to entice the viewer into feelings of desire. I want the viewer to respond

despite themselves…a guttural, visceral, emotional response…no thinking, just feeling even if at times it is painful or uncomfortable.

Today’s society is so preoccupied with escapism, numbness, satiation…

I want to penetrate these barriers, to stir the viewer into an awareness of their being and to an awareness of the present.

Fate is something I have always been fascinated by…what (or who?) determines chance? Is it fate or are there cycles that commence and

end according to whim? The chance meeting of two colors….the randomness of their blending, their union…….Is there an order to this

or is it random?

- Emily Timberlake