Studio 54 - Barbara Bodin

Category / Medium:  Oil Paintings:  landscapes and impressionistic works

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Piccolinos




My works (paintings, drawings and pastels) involve figurative and landscape images, and would be best described as “perceptual realism.” Perceptual realism portrays a recognizable subject that is painted in way that incorporates a heightened emotional/subjective response, as compared to traditional realistic or photorealistic painting, which is very objective in execution.

I hope my paintings capture something very personal about the people and places I paint, and that they are reflective of individual character, personalities and interests.  The painting becomes a story set in our time. 

I work in a variety of mediums (oils, pastels, graphite, wash, etc.) and my style of painting is impressionistic. Many of my works are done “en plein air” or directly from nature.