Studio 09 - Krista Elrick Photography

Category / Medium:  Mixed Media, Photography, Digital

Favorite Nearby Venue:  Meow Wolf

“Krista Elrick’s single and layered images are haunting narratives.  They not only remind us of the landscapes of our private imaginations, but gently include nature in an expanded morality—one in which we are responsible for the landscapes we inhabit, where we can construct a romantic reality that is based in ethical stewardship…Her quiet, black and white images are a palimpsest for our times, inspiring wonder in viewers and creating an opportunity to see the landscapes and the trees and even the birds that remain.”  - Mary Anne Redding, Curator of Photography 
Film-based, in-camera exposures combined with silver-gelatin prints are the foundation of my work. While this photographic process is rooted in the nineteenth century, it is the contemporary wet¬lands and forests — the watersheds — that serve predominantly as my backdrops.  My silver-gelatin prints and collages are sequenced and in¬stalled into contemplative spaces such as exhibition walls, portfolios, and books. For me every step in this process is humbling because I continue to learn new things every time, which is good for my health and the community around me.