Studio 52 - Pat Pecorella

NOTE:  Due to personal reasons, Pat has had to withdraw  from the 2022 Santa Fe Studio Tour.  Please use her contact details below if you would like to arrange a time to see her work.

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Acrylic

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Iconik Cafe

Abstract acrylic, pastel and ink paintings with some collage elements

"My paintings express the freedom that comes from squeezing through constrictions, there to find hope and space to breathe."

Pat Pecorella is an experienced artist based in the United States whose paintings have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions nationally. Her works explore themes relating to space, openness, and curiosity in the context of complicated and sometimes tense connections. Pecorella's artistic practice is both gestural and spontaneous. Her striking abstractions are most often created using acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal, and collage on canvas.