Studio 46 - Julie Schumer

Category / Medium:  Paintings / Drawings - Mixed Media, Acrylic

Favorite nearby restaurant:  Meow Wolf




For many years I slashed and burned my way across the painting surface with brightly colored energetic works.

In mid 2018 I came to the end of that road, temporarily, feeling a new desire to incorporate more mark making with a variety of drawing tools along with acrylic paint, various acrylic mediums and explore working with a limited palette. 
My current body of works in each of my painting series involves an investigation of coming and going, appearing and disappearing lines and shapes and the creation of luminous depth, which are the result of their many layers, both added and subtracted, and their resulting complexity.  The work is meant to invite the viewer in to my own interior world, take a look around and ponder its depth. The marks are both agitated and controlled, with forms emerging and disappearing simultaneously.  I start each piece by drawing on the painting surface with an art drawing tool of some kind. This might be some form of graphite, water soluble crayon or charcoal.  I continue by layering paint with marks in a seemingly endless process. The surfaces are ultimately softly colored, sometimes black is employed in the form of an irregular shape as a counterpoint and contrast.  I work spontaneously and intuitively, focusing on process rather than intention. 

The paintings incorporate both raw intense emotion and quiet tranquility and are a revelation of my recent experiences at any given time.  They reflect on the fragility and vulnerability of life.  My artwork is at once atmospheric, mysterious, moody, yet airy, elegant and powerful, reflecting my own interior landscape, and on occasion my reaction to my physical surroundings.  The stunning beauty yet austerity of the New Mexico landscape compels an examination of one’s own inner landscape constantly.  My purpose is to give authentic voice to what is felt but unseen, through the harmonizing of line, shape, color and texture, recording a moment in time.

Most recently color has begun to find its way back into my work, although my process and intention, as described above, remains the same.