Studio 08 - Marie Morgan Fine Art


Category / Medium:  Sculpture, Mixed Materials, Repurposed Materials, Collage

Favorite Nearby Restaurant:  Tune-Up Cafe






I begin each sculpture with a mental image of a creature, either endangered or an ordinary animal.  I then seek out fabric and other common materials that will express her personality beyond what we observe in nature.  Often the creature will “ask for” a bright gown (e.g., Gracie) or say she wants to dress up for a special occasion (e.g., Tess has her mink collar and pearl earring).

The “Coat of Mail” sculpture began with a common object – the postage stamp.  All are cancelled (i.e., used) and each stamp tells its individual story as they collectively become the “dress up” itself.

My collages are actually “very thin sculpture.”  I begin each piece by collecting common objects that interest me for their form or texture. Each object had a previous life and purpose, but I arrange them to form a new expression of color and composition that will have a life of its own and, perhaps, a story to tell.

Marie Morgan Fine Art is a working studio as well as a gallery that includes sculpture, collage, paintings and carefully curated unique objects for the home.