Studio 62 - Douglas Oliver

Category / Medium:  Sculpture, Furniture

Favorite nearby restaurants:  Harry's Roadhouse and Arroyo Hondo




I am a classical trained wood and clay sculptor. I studied under Bavarian master wood and clay sculptor Ludwig Kieininger for over 10 years and became well versed in multiple traditional styles. I also studied classical drawing at the Academy of Figurative Arts. (an Atelier in Fort Worth Texas). I recently carved for the Fine New Mexican furniture maker Ernest Thompson, so I'm now well verse in that style and tradition.

I'm passionate about sculpture and classical art and wake up excited to take on new challenges everyday. "Every block of wood/stone/clay has a sculpture inside it and its the task of the sculptor to discover it". I think about this quote from Michelangelo before I start any work.

As a wood and clay sculptor, I look for inspiration all around me, it is everywhere once you become aware. Nature, people, and love all influence my work. What I try to capture in my work is movement and light. These elusive qualities can transform a figure or form in just a matter of moments. 

To bring to life a relief or 3D sculpture form remains exciting and fresh to me. Some of my recent works, I have worked on the expressive qualities of the human face and love.